date. 2018

about. For my final project of first year I was given an area of Bristol which I had never visited before which was Lockleaze. I was given a short amount fo time to find out as much as I could about the area from events to things impacting the community. Once i had gathered all the information i was tasked with creating something which could help the area in some sort of way. When interviewing residents in Lockleaze they all seemed to talk about the same thing which was the planned housing development soon to come. Once knowing this I decided to set out and create some posters which could be scattered around the local area to show people the good that will come out of the development rather than looking at the bad things as there is not much people can do now the building has commenced. The design of posters consisted of an outer layer with a slogan and then a matching with an illustrated design. The bottom layer revealed by a cut out hole gave the residents information on the building work and then were made the size of for sale signs which could be put near the sites to fit in with the theme.