title. BREACH EVENT 2 

date. 2020

about.  After the success of the first Back in October Breach have their next event planned for January. However this time they are going bigger and better and now they are starting to get a bigger following they need their appearance to be perfect. I was tasked with designed a promotional poster and a facebook banner for the next event however this time they wanted it to be animated. I decided to contact a friend of mine Field Worldwide who is a cinema 4-D expert and together we came up with this weird but interesting abstract shape. We did this in the Breach colours which suited their dark and grungy feel they had going on with their drum and bass events. In the end we came up with this pulsating, netted shape which will rotate on the poster and on the backdrop of the event. This was a fun promotional package for the breach gang and was something new for me to work with, I am set to design the next package for their event later on in the year.