title. Best British book award entry // The value of time

date. 2019

about.  For the final major project of my second year at uni, we had a brief where we needed to think of a topic that we could create a book on. Once we had the chosen topic we needed to gather as much information as possible and begin to turn it into a designed book following a theme and grids with chosen typefaces. For my chosen topic I chose the idea of basing my book around the value of time and how it is different to everyone. An hour to a nurse could have a different worth to someone who is on holiday. I delve deeper in to finding information out on the value of time and carried out interviews with different professions to give me content and so at the end of the book we could compare. For the presentation of the book you can see below I made a custom case that the book could slide into which was actually also a working clock to fit in with the theme of time. This project taught me a lot when it comes to editorial and also made me a 2019 Best British book design nominee of 2019.